About us

Established in 1967, the Commercial Company Caribex, is the exclusive exporter of Cuban fishing products, offering to the world a wide range of products of recognized international quality, that constitute “The true treasures of The Caribbean Sea…” .

Caribex is inserted into the international market as one of the leading suppliers worldwide lobster (Panulirus argus), possessing Cuba one of the largest reserves of this species.

The waters diversity of the Cuban archipelago, allows export of other species of high commercial value, such as shrimp, blue crab, conch meat, natural sponge, sea cucumber, and freshwater fish.

The Cuban fishing products are captured through sustainable and environmental-friendly fisheries practices.

Caribex has highly qualified personnel, which guarantees the development of a successful business management, aimed at maximum customer satisfaction.

The company has an extensive commercial network, constituted by important importing firms and global distributers, which guarantees its presence in the main world markets: Europe, Asia and America.

The company also participates in several international exhibitions in the sectors of foods, seafoods and foreign trade, obtaining awards and distinctions.

Caribex also carries out importing of diverse frozen fishery products.